Value of Home Humidification in Autumn and Winter

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Autumn. The season when Dayton goes from sweat to sweater. While we welcome crisp mornings, blue skies, and colorful leaves, the dry air in Fall makes us less comfortable. Then comes the cold and snow of Dayton Winter. Dayton area homes can actually be dryer that the Sahara Desert when closed up against cold. Buildings in Dayton and its surrounding neighborhoods often benefit from whole-house humidification.

A whole-house humidifier attaches to your furnace and the fan blows across a humidifier pad, hooked up to a water supply. You feel soothing relief from dryness through your whole home at once.

Protect Yourself

The ideal humidity level for a home in Dayton and its neighboring communities should hold between 30% and 50%. Humidity below 30% results in dry skin. Dry membranes in the mouth and nose crack, leaving you vulnerable to colds and flu. Dry air in the home lowers indoor air quality and aggravates allergies and asthma.

Proper humidification helps you sleep better at night. It protects again nosebleed, dry throat, and cough. It protects against the unwelcome zaps from static electricity.

Protect Your Home

When humidity drops, your home’s contents and furnishing suffer just like you do. Wood furniture dries out and cracks. Woodwork, trim, and wood floors may crack and separate from walls, ceiling, or floors. Electronics may not run smoothly or operate properly. Dry air can ruin valuable musical instruments. Air which is too dry may be as damaging as air which is too moist.

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