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Understanding Your HVAC Comfort System

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Setting the Record Straight | 0 comments

Your heating/cooling system doesn’t need to be a mystery.  Knowing some simple facts helps you to enjoy ultimate heating/cooling comfort.

Your Thermostat May Run on Battery Power

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions frequently responds to no-heat, or no-cool calls where the problem turns out to be a dead battery in the thermostat.  The battery within the thermostat serves two purposes: 1) it powers the display, (2) it signals the circuit board to perform the desired service.

At your next maintenance check, ask your Lifestyle technician to show how to determine if your thermostat model requires batteries, and how to change them.  This is a simple DIY chore which may save you an unnecessary service call.

Replacing a Thermostat Involves Wiring

Upgrading your thermostat may not be the simple DIY task some might think. First, it’s critical that you understand the kind of heating/cooling system you have.  Next, thermostats may have 2-8 wires–commonly 5 today– and if you intend to use the existing wiring you’ll need to purchase the right replacement.  Further, from time to time, Lifestyle technicians encounter thermostats which were improperly wired when first installed. Tying into existing wiring is no guarantee of success.

We understand a homeowner’s desire to save money. But, for several reasons, we recommend investing in professional help when replacing a thermostat:

  • Improperly installed thermostats can actually cause catastrophic failure to the entire heating/cooling system.
  • Contractor grade thermostats come with 5 year warranties while off-the-shelf models generally have just a one year warranty
  •  Set-up programming  may be complicated and is best done by a professional technician who understands HVAC systems operation

Setting Your Thermostat to a High Temperature Won’t Heat Your Home More Quickly

Your furnace produces heat at a steady rate.  Raising the thermostat setting makes the unit run longer to satisfy the thermostat setting, but doesn’t make the furnace more powerful.

Refrigerant Line Locks are Required by Law

In an effort to protect the atmosphere from the destructive effects of refrigerant leaks, it is now required by law that refrigerant locks by installed on air-conditioning refrigerant lines.  Companies who install refrigerant laws are complying with environmental law, not attempting to keep other companies from working on the system.

Licensed contractors have access to refrigerant keys. This makes it possible for licensed companies to work on systems locked by other licensed contractors.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recommends that you think seriously before using a contractor who claims not to have access to refrigerant lines which have been locked by a licensed contractor.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Correct sizing of your mechanical comfort system is critical.  A bigger sized furnace/air-conditioner is NOT the answer to hot/cold spot in the home.  If fact, it makes an already unpleasant situation worse.

Properly sizing equipment is done using an industry best practice called Manual J. which takes into a variety of critical factors when properly sizing a mechanical system.

Air Balance is Critical

Conditioned air flows to its intended location through the duct work in your home. The amount of air entering different spaces in your home is controlled by dampers and registers. A balance of supply air flowing away from the unit and return air flowing back into the unit must be maintained.

Professionally balancing air flow for ultimate comfort requires special equipment and technical skill.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions has successfully corrected hot/cold spots in homes through proper air-balancing.

Our mission at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.  Call us at 937.202.4520 with questions and concerns.  We are happy to help.

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