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Spiders: Your Partner in Home Comfort

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Building Performance | 0 comments

Think of places behind drapes, in closets, or in corners where spiders build webs.  Observe those webs carefully– straight across the radial center of the web–you’ll likely see tiny holes, cracks, seams,  peeling paint, or other defects through which air escapes.

Building Performance Institute, one of the nation’s premier home performance organizations, explains why you should care about where spiders build their webs.  Spiders are masters of building science.  They know that tiny hot or cool spots where air escapes are a great source for flying food.  According to Building Performance Institute, even the tiniest of openings is made up of what BPI calls “distinct microclimates”–changes in temperature and humidity.  These microclimates support egg production, the growth of larvae, and fungi.  Insects and other creatures move in and out–virtual unseen. For the spider, it’s as convenient as the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

BPI suggests that homeowners treat spider webs like flags marking spots where energy is coming in and going out, wasting your energy dollars and destroying ultimate comfort.  Cracks and holes big enough to be seen with the naked eye can be repaired with clean paintable silicone caulk.  But, BPI warns that air flow is very good at finding detours. A blower door test, part of a Home Performance Audit and Duct Analysis, like those performed by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, is a great investment.   

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers its clients the knowledge of staff members who hold BPI-certification.  The 2-3 hour Home Performance and Duct Analysis uses state-of-the-art equipment like smoke pencils, duct blasters, infrared cameras, and a blower door. The test is fascinating to watch, and fun for homeowners to participate in.  You can even point out where spiders build webs to give your BPI certified technician a head-start on energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and ultimate comfort.  The test requires no permanent alteration in your home.  As soon as Lifestyle Comfort Solutions backs up its equipment, you won’t even know that we’ve been there.

When complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive report ranging from simple DIY projects to recommendations for professional repairs.  While immediate repairs may be advisable, many clients use the report Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ BPI certified technicians prepare as a road map for repairs over months, or years.  (And, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions reminds its customers that air-sealing should be complete BEFORE upgrading insulation).

So, before you step on that spider, or run screaming away from those glistening webs of natural wonder, take a closer look at what your house is telling you.  Learn more on this fascinating topic by visiting or call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions at 937.202.4520 to speak with a BPI certified technician.

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