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Purchasing the Right Air Conditioner

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Protecting Your Investment | 0 comments

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions prides itself on being a great matchmaker!  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions designs comfort systems to meet the individual needs of each home.  Here’s what to consider when selecting a system made just for you:

Select the Right Size System

When purchasing an AC unit, bigger isn’t always better.  A system must be designed to accommodate the size of the space it must cool.  If your air-conditioner is too large, it can short-cycle, leaving air feeling stale, muggy, and warm.  Too small, and the unit may prematurely fail due to overwork.

Homes with comfort challenges like a second floor, finished basement living space, or a sprawling ranch floor plan often enjoy greater comfort control from a zoning system or the addition of a second system, rather than depending on air to be pushed out from one large, single unit.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions uses an industry best practice called load calculation.  We use building science to evaluate your home or office space to find you your best match, and to assist you in investing your energy budget wisely for ultimate comfort.

Use Matching Component

In every successful comfort system, each part of the machine must work together to cool your space.  When replacing an aging system, replace both the indoor and outdoor components.  This ensures more seamless airflow and efficiency, and reduces the change of breakdown.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

According to the US Department of Energy, the quality of the mechanical system installation is often more important that the quality of the equipment purchased.  It’s tempting to hire an amateur to try to save money. But, a botched installation ends up costing you more in the long run.

Ask to see a company’s qualifications, insurance coverage, and certifications before hiring a technician.

Get It in Writing

Written estimates are essential to the installation process.  Ask for warranties, installation guarantees, and inspection verification.  It may take a day or two longer for a qualified contractor to get you a written estimate, but it is time well spent.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is proud to offer its clients a 100% Lifetime Installation warranty on equipment we install.

Consider Value, Not Price

Buying a new comfort system is an investment in your family’s comfort, health, safety, and budget.  Savings earned by using an inexperienced technician or low-quality equipment will likely result in more expense in the future.  Your heating/cooling system will last between 10-15 years.  Don’t sacrifice a decade of comfort, performance, and energy efficiency for a few dollars of upfront cost.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is your perfect match for home comfort, health, safety, and energy efficiency in the Dayton, Ohio area.  Call us today to 937.202.4520 to set up a repair, inspection, or installation.

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