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Protecting from Low Level Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Your Family's Health and Safety | 0 comments

Carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisoning death in the United States.  This colorless, tasteless, odorless gas is a byproduct of combustion.  While low levels of carbon monoxide likely won’t lead to death, it is still a serious health concern.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions shares important things you need to know about protecting your home from this invisible threat.

What is Chronic CO Poisoning?

Chronic CO poisoning usually involves lower levels of gas in the air and lower blood concentrations which build up for days or months.  Fatigue, frequent bacterial infections, and a general “run-down” condition make CO poisoning difficult to diagnose.  Symptoms which disappear when you leave an environment are a good tip-off.  Low levels of carbon monoxide which build up in the blood stream are especially dangerous to children and older adults.

Choosing the Correct CO Monitor for your Home

Consider the following factors when purchasing carbon monoxide detection:

  • Expiration Date. CO detectors lose their sensitivity over time. Expect to replace the detector about every 5 years, or according to manufacturer warranty. The expiration period begins at manufacturing date, not date of service. A good portion of a detector’s efficiency may be gone before you even purchase the monitor
  • Perform proper maintenance. Test your alarm weekly.  Some manufacturers suggesting vacuuming monthly.
  • Follow local codes.  Community code requirements vary from place to place; be sure the detector you purchase meets established standards.
  • Low level monitoring. While some protection is better than nothing, less expensive carbon monoxide monitors may alert only when CO levels hit life-threatening levels.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recommends low level monitoring to protect loved ones from the danger of chronic poisoning.
  • Meet UL Standard 2034. This information should be printed on the package.

Where to Place Carbon Monoxide Monitors

  • Place at least one carbon monoxide monitor on each floor of your home
  • Avoid placement with 15 feet of ceiling fans, vents, air conditioners, or cooking appliances.
  • Ideally, a CO monitor should be placed with 10 feel of each bedroom door.
  • Monitors placed closer to the ceiling may perform more effectively than when placed closer to floor level

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions installs professional grade low level carbon monoxide detectors, the very ones we trust in our own homes.  Call us at 937.202.4520 and we’ll answer your questions and schedule the installation of this life-saving accessory in your home.

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