Whole Home Generators

Whole House Generators

We are all dependent on the power in our homes to stay connected, to stay warm or cool, to keep food from spoiling and to keep a sump pump running, among many other things. Whole house generators are one of the most useful appliances for a home owner.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is committed to your comfort; and will help you find the solutions that fit your home, family, and budget.

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How does it work?
Sometimes called fixed standby generators, a whole house generator is installed permanently outside your home. When there is a power outage the whole house generator will automatically provide power, even if you’re not home. When power has been restored, the generator will return to standby mode, ready for the next power outage.

How is it different from a portable generator?
Whole house generators offer higher levels of power than portable generators and have the added convenience of automatic power. Because they are a permanent appliance, they add value to your home.


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