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I-Wave, Protecting Breathable Air

At this time, families and business are committed to maintaining cleaner, fresher air in our homes and workplaces.  We understand more than ever that we must protect the safety of the air we breathe. During difficult times, scammers may make...

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Keep Your HVAC Room Free from Hazards

Whether your mechanical system is found in the basement, attic, garage, or closet, the empty space around it may seem perfect for stashing items you wish to keep out of sight. Resist the temptation. Doubling a mechanical room as a storage area is...

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Dangers of A Vent Free Fireplace

Dayton families welcome the cheery warmth of a cozy fire in their homes during the long, dark days of Winter. However, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns homeowners of the dangers of vent free appliances. How Do Vent Free Products Work? The basic...

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