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Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

Lisa Crosley is President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling. She frequently installs heating/cooling and indoor air quality products in her own home before recommending them to her clients. For many Americans, HVAC is nothing...

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DIY Tips for Improved Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

DIY Tips for Improved Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Lisa Crosley is President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, and frequently tries out indoor air quality products in her own home before recommending them to her clients. Here’s one simple, DIY tip to help create fresher, cleaner air in your home…and Lisa’s recommendation for how Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can put your HVAC system to work so your family breathes easier.

During our nation’s current health crisis, families are spending more time at home. Too often we think of air pollution as strictly an outdoor problem. However, according to the EPA, indoor air pollution is 5 times the level of outdoor pollution.
Remaining in our homes is a recommended strategy to protect from the coronavirus outbreak. But is the air we are breathing in our homes safe, and fresh, and clean?
Our mission at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions hasn’t changed. We’re here to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.

Keep Floors Fresh

  1. Vacuum Frequently. Select a model with strong suction and rotating brushes. Models with HEPA filtration are best. Don’t forget to vacuum furniture. Families spending increased time at home may wish to vacuum 3-4 times a week.
  2. Mop! Vacuuming is the first line of defense, but some dust and other particles will be left behind. Use a wet mop to pick up lingering dirt. Many are fans of dampened microfiber clothes.
  3. Keep Dirt out! Place large mats both inside and outside entry ways to catch dirt, pollen, and other pollutants which linger on shoes. Decide if you family wishes to embrace a “No Shoes” Policy inside your home.

Install i-Wave technology

Even the cleanest homes benefit from cutting-edge air purification. In tests conducted by EMSL labs (rated Elite by the CDC), I-Wave technology combats staph, MRSA, e.coli, tuberculosis, airborne mold spores, and legionella. I trust i-Wave technology in my own home, and in our place of business. It takes just minutes to install and delivers cleaner, healthier air year-round. It is virtually maintenance free and doesn’t depend on expensive replacement parts.
To learn more about protecting the quality of your indoor air through iWave technology, call Jessica at 937.202.4520.

Effective Use of the Ceiling Fan

Energy managers remain mixed on the actual energy value of ceiling fans. Some claim they are effective only when a space has no air-conditioning. Others believe that ceiling fans, when properly used, may save wear and tear on your mechanical...

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How Air Conditioning Changed the World

For centuries, people looked for ways to control the weather. The Roman emperor Elagabulus sent slaves to bring snow down from the mountains and pile it into his garden. Elagabulus hoped the Summer breezes would carry cooler air inside. The...

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Dangers of A Vent Free Fireplace

Dayton families welcome the cheery warmth of a cozy fire in their homes during the long, dark days of Winter. However, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns homeowners of the dangers of vent free appliances. How Do Vent Free Products Work? The basic...

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