Whole Home Performance

Whole Home Performance

Whole Home Performance is a thorough evaluation of not only your home’s HVAC system but also its ventilation, insulation, duct work and its resulting performance. You could spend thousands of dollars on a new energy efficient system but still pay high utility bills due to poor insulation or leaky duct work!

Having Problems?
Whatever your problem may be Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is here to help. If you are in an older home you may notice some of the following symptoms of poor home performance:

  • High Energy Bills
  • Hot or Cold Spots in the House
  • Old or Unreliable Systems

Check out our handy demo below to help diagnose the issues with your home.


Whole Home Comfort Checkups start at just $295 and include:

  • Evaluation of your current HVAC equipment.
  • Identification of current hot or cold spots in your home.
  • Testing for mold, germs or any other potentially harmful air pathogens.
  • Evaluation of your utility bills and potential savings.
  • Evaluation on your indoor humidity.

All tests are run by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions technicians who have achieved Building Performance Institute certification, using state-of-the-art tools unique to the industry. At the end of every evaluation, the home owner is presented with their results and given their personalized information and recommended course of action.

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