Most Americans spend fifty years of their life inside their own home. Every cubit foot of air may contain as many as 30 million air pollutants.

Fight invisible enemies attacking your family’s health and the air they breathe.

The Environmental Protection Agency ranks poor indoor air quality as one of the top 5 environmental dangers. Put your heating and air conditioning system to work to help your family breathe easier.


While most furnaces have a filter, they do little, if anything, to protect the air you breathe. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of air filtration choices which protect your family…and your heating/cooling system.

• Trap dust and dust mites
• Combat viruses, bacteria, molds, and pollen
• Remove odors from cooking and smoking
• Control pet dander
• Neutralize allergens causing asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illness.


Controlling the moisture in the air you breathe has both health and comfort benefits. According to the CDC, proper humidity levels in the home fight disease. With proper humidification, you:
• Control annoying static
• Protect skin, hair, and nose from irritating dryness
• Reduce respiratory infections and symptoms of allergy and asthma
• Minimize formation of bacteria, viruses, molds, and dust mites
• Protect important possession such as artwork, wood floors, and musical instruments

Eliminate the inconvenience of room humidifiers/vaporizers and enjoy ultimate comfort throughout your home when Lifestyle Comfort Solutions adds whole home humidification to your furnace.


Bring fresh, breathable outside air into your home. According to the American Lung Association, “homes need to be able to breathe to make sure that fresh air comes in and dirty air goes out.” Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of options to add ventilation to new or existing heating/cooling systems. Enjoy the health benefits of proper home ventilation:
• Reduce Pollen
• Reduce Pet dander
• Reduce Dust/dust mites
• Reduce Mold spores
• Reduce gases, chemicals, and smoke
• Reduce irritants in the air

Ultraviolet (UV) Germicide Light

Ultraviolet lights installed in your heating and cooling system neutralizes surface and airborne particles and surface mold that can thrive in your air duct system.
• Deactivates airborne and surface irritants like mold, bacteria and viruses
• Neutralizes household odors


iWave actively purifies the whole house-using a balance of positive and negative ions which break down pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, pollens, smoke and other odors, and other allergens. i-Wave technology produces no harmful by-products, and is virtually maintenance free.

Requiring no replacement parts, iWave technology is less expensive than other germ-killing products on the market.
• Reduces dust
• Neutralizes pet and cooking odors
• Reduces allergens
• Kills viruses, molds, bacteria, and other respiratory irritant

Be as comfortable with our people as you are with our products:

• Marked Vehicles
• Drug tested
• Uniformed technicians
• Shoe covers
• CVOID-19 protocols based on CDC guidelines
• No surprise pricing-you’ll know the cost of the repair before you authorize
• Variety of payment options

Maintain your system with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions :

• avoid costly, inconvenient, and possibly dangerous emergency repairs.
• protect equipment manufacturer warranty
• extend the life of your equipment
• protect your investment
• control energy costs
• enjoy ultimate comfort.

A one-time check is smart, but a My Lifestyle! Service Agreement agreement is even smarter! You’ll enjoy savings on services, extended warranties, and the peace of mind which comes with building a trust relationship over time.

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