Home Comfort Solutions

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers its clients a whole home approach, combining the heating/cooling system and its accessories with a highly functioning thermal envelope.

The thermal envelope is the silhouette of your home, made up of roof, walls, and floor.

The result? Ultimate comfort.

Attic Insulation & Air Sealing

EnergyStar.gov. rates attic retrofit as a DIFFICULT project, better left to professionals. Let Lifestyle Comfort Solutions provide attic insulation options.

A further benefit?
Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ friendly staff will file all applicable utility rebates on your behalf.


Rooms too hot? Too cold? Too noisy? One floor less comfortable than another? Vents blowing out too much air? Too little air?

Using principles of building science Lifestyle Comfort Solutions creates consistent comfort through HVAC air balancing.

Air-balancing is both affordable and with little interruption to family life.

HVAC air balancing is considered the single most effective way to achieve ultimate comfort.

Duct Balancing & Repair

Properly functioning duct work is the foundation for home comfort.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions uses high tech equipment such flow hoods, manometers, and duct blasters to find problems such as:

• Holes in ducts
• Loose duct joints
• Blockages
• Undersized ducts
• Excessively long duct runs
• Sharp turns
• Original duct design flaws

Using this information, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions makes repairs as simple as adjusting fan speeds, adjusting dampers or air registers, and sealing cracks in duct joints.

The test requires no permanent alternation to your home or building and take just 2-3 hours.

Be as comfortable with our people as you are with our products:

• Marked Vehicles
• Drug tested
• Uniformed technicians
• Shoe covers
• CVOID-19 protocols based on CDC guidelines
• No surprise pricing-you’ll know the cost of the repair before you authorize
• Variety of payment options

Maintain your system with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions :

• avoid costly, inconvenient, and possibly dangerous emergency repairs.
• protect equipment manufacturer warranty
• extend the life of your equipment
• protect your investment
• control energy costs
• enjoy ultimate comfort.

A one-time check is smart, but a My Lifestyle! Service Agreement agreement is even smarter! You’ll enjoy savings on services, extended warranties, and the peace of mind which comes with building a trust relationship over time.

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