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Comfort is more than staying warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions Home Comfort Products

Looking for ultimate comfort? Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers clients a whole home approach. Combine the heating/cooling system and its accessories with a highly functioning thermal envelope-your home’s roof, walls, and floor.



Let Lifestyle Comfort Solutions provide attic insulation options to install new or add to your existing attic insulation.

A further benefit of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions friendly staff will file all applicable utility rebates on your behalf.

Attic Air Sealing

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Insulating without air sealing is like wearing a coat full of holes.

Air sealing identifies and repairs holes, drafts, penetrations, excessive dust, and ways air enters your home from unwanted spaces.

Air sealing is critical to enjoying the full value of your home’s insulation.


duct balancing machine

Are rooms in your home too hot or too cold? Is your system too noisy or do you have vents blowing very little air?

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions creates consistent comfort through HVAC duct balance.

Air balancing is both affordable with little interruption to family life

HVAC Duct Repair

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Properly functioning duct work is vital to home comfort and energy efficiency.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions uncovers

    • Holes in ducts
    • Loose duct joints
    • Blockages
    • Undersized ducts
    • Excessively long duct runs
    • Sharp turns
    • Duct design flaws

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified

Jessica Arney holds the designation as a Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certified Building Analyst #504531801

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is a local utility company trade ally, qualifying its clients for utility rebates when offered.

Home Comfort Services

Repairs & Services

Learn more about the home comfort services offered by Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.

Customer Reviews

Thank you so much for your service. Your service guys are the best. They are very polite and always clean everything up. That is why I always call Lifestyle first whenever I need any HVAC work done. Your group is really the best in the area in my opinion.

Lynn T.Dayton, OH

Lifestyle comfort Solutions is a superb company to work with. They thoroughly examined our house and put together multiple quotes for central air and ductwork for our 2 story house. Each quote focused on different cooling systems, all of which were highly efficient and environmentally friendly.  There was no pressure at all and the project manager was incredibly informative and took the time to educate us on the pros and cons.  We obtained additional quotes from other companies and found that LCS's pricing was a fraction of the "competitors". Their installation team was courteous, kept things incredibly tidy and stuck to their schedule!  .... They are a local company that is definitely worth checking out!

Tony HDayton, OH

“Great communication pre- and post-service. He also went out of his way to ensure I was happy and answered all questions until I understood the problem or had a good answer. Price of the service was great and the services performed, even better. We purchased the Platinum Service package as I couldn't pass on a deal that great.”


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– Joe C.Bellbrook, OH


Duct Analysis and Whole Home analysis