My Air-Conditioner isn’t Keeping Me Cool? Why?

My Air-Conditioner isn’t Keeping Me Cool? Why?

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains why your cooling system is struggling to keep you cool in extreme heat.

The recent 90- degree days reminded Daytonians what Summer is like in Ohio:  extreme heat, high humidity, and air quality alerts.

During periods of extreme heat, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions frequently receives calls that cooling systems are falling down on the job. Owners jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the cooling system.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is always happy to come to the aid of ailing cooling equipment.

However, if your cooling system seems to maintain comfortable conditions under ordinary summer temperatures and only seems to struggle during extreme heat, it may actually be working as it was designed to do.

Most cooling equipment designed for use in Ohio is manufactured to operate most efficiently up to an outdoor temperature around 95 degrees.

Outdoor temperatures which hover near or exceed the manufacturer design point strain the cooling unit’s capacity to remove heat from the air. The cooling unit is working as designed, but at capacity.

Until outdoor temperatures drop to below the manufacturer’s design point, you may not feel as comfortable.

There are legitimate reasons a cooling system fails to cool spaces during extreme heat. Are filters clogged? Does ductwork leak? Is refrigerant low? Has the system been properly maintained? Is equipment aging, needing replacement?

It makes sense to regularly replace filters, maintain ducts, and consider upgrading older units for better cooling.

However, during periods of extreme heat, your cooling unit may be working extremely hard to keep you comfortable, and just requires a break in the weather to satisfy you again.

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