Scary Noises? It Could be your Furnace!

Scary Noises? It Could be your Furnace!

Before deciding that your home is haunted, Lisa E. Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains some of the eerie sounds you hear may be your Dayton heating and cooling system crying for help.


Rather than a skeleton dancing through your home, ratting may signal vents or other furnace components need tightening. Something as simple as a loose belt or missing screw can cause serious damage and costly repair.


Rather than a giant grinding bones to make his bread, a grinding sound may signal a worn bearing or problem with a motor.  An experienced Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ professional will diagnose and correct.


Think that breathy whisper is a voice from beyond the grave? Most likely, hisses and sounds of air moving indicate an HVAC problem. Air escaping from ducts costs money and robs you of ultimate comfort. Who you gonna call? Your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ technician!

Chilly Air that Brings a Shudder

Ever heard that a chilly shudder means someone is walking over your grave?  More than likely, your home has cold spots which could be corrected through air sealing, air balancing, attic insulation, zoning, and other HVAC whole house remedies.

Happily, the cost of these corrective services isn’t too scary.

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