4 Ways to Prepare for the Cost of HVAC Repair

4 Ways to Prepare for the Cost of HVAC Repair

Savvy homeowners prepare for the cost of home repairs.  Lisa E. Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, makes several recommendations to help you manage HVAC repair costs.

The cost of major repair to an HVAC system may exceed what most Americans have in their rainy-day fund.  Here’s how to be ready:

Budget for Emergencies

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Save 1% of your home’s total value for emergency repairs.  For example, if your home is worth, $200,000 place $2,000 in an emergency repair fund. It may seem difficult to save that amount, but saving over time is more manageable than meeting a large, unexpected repair bill when any major component–HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing– in your home fails.

A Maintenance Agreement Makes Sense

Regrettably, too many homeowners miss out on the benefits of a MyLifestyle! Service agreement. It’s out of sight, out of mind until your HVAC equipment fails.

A MyLifestyle! Service Agreement bundles an annual professional equipment check and stretches your energy dollar with additional benefits like priority service, and discounts on replacement parts and overtime service. Best of all, you build a trust relationship.

Remember! HVAC equipment which is regularly maintained enjoys longer life and saves time and money.  Further, while equipment manufacturers offer generous warranties on HVAC equipment. protection may be voided without record of regular maintenance.

A MyLifestyle! Service Agreement is a win-win all the way around.

Enjoy Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ Upfront Pricing

For years, companies determined repair cost through a time and material method. Once a diagnosis was made, the technician went to work making repairs.  Homeowners authorized repairs without any idea of the final cost.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers upfront pricing. We’ll tell you repair cost before you authorize repair.  Upfront pricing is based on the national average of a skilled technician working with the proper tools.

You may decide your energy dollar is better invested in new equipment than expensive repair.

Consider a Company’s Reputation

There is truth to the old saying “You get what you pay for.” On the surface some companies may seem to save you cost upfront.  But it’s wise to consider facts like these: Years in business?  Trained? Insured? Licensed?  Bonded? Guarantees?  Reputation in the community?

A second-rate company may save a few dollars now but may cost much more later. Best to consider, value rather than price. 

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