Protecting Your Air-Conditioner from Theft

Protecting Your Air-Conditioner from Theft

Lisa E. Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, suggests a cost-effective solution which makes your outdoor air-conditioner/heat pump more difficult to steal.

Regrettably, thefts of residential outdoor air-conditioners and heat pumps are on the rise throughout the greater Dayton area. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions protects units by installing the T-Rex theft deterrent cage around an air-conditioner or heat pump.

It’s fun to note that scientists are learning that the original T-Rex likely had two large holes in the top of its head, allowing it to cool its gigantic body.  So, the T-Rex is not only the King of the Dinosaurs, but the King of Cool as well.

Don’t let your air-conditioner or heat pump go extinct.  Protect against the growing risk of residential cooling equipment theft. Talk to Lifestyle Comfort Solutions about installing the T Rex theft deterrent system.

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