Protect Your HVAC System from Power Surge Damage

Protect Your HVAC System from Power Surge Damage
While a heating and cooling system is a workhorse which supports comfort for years, it’s also a bit fragile and needs some TLC.  Here, Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, shares the importance of adding surge protection to your Dayton heating and cooling system. 
Summer storms have become a nearly daily occurrence here in Dayton. Do you experience:
  • Lights which Dim? TV Screen Flicker? Tripping Circuit Breakers? Noisy, laboring sounds from your cooling unit?

Any, or all, of these symptoms warn it’s time to protect your heating/cooling system.  Surge protection is a great place to start.

Surge Protection

Most homeowners protect their TV and computer from the harmful effects of power surges.  But what about your home’s most expensive appliance?  Your heating/cooling system!

Whether from lightning strikes or rolling brownouts, Summer brings power outages.  Even a momentary power fall-off, lasting only a second or two, may result in a damaging surge as power ramps back up.

Power surges can lead to expensive repairs or catastrophic failure to your heating/air-conditioning system. Damage may be so great system replacement is required. Often the damage done by a power surge doesn’t occur until hours after the event when a weakened system breaks down.  Without evidence of a direct lightning hit to your unit, insurance may deny a claim. A lightning strike up to 1/2 mile away can cause a surge powerful enough to destroy your comfort system completely.

Just like your computer, there’s surge protection designed to work with your heating/cooling system. Cost-effective, surprisingly affordable, it’s easy for Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to install. A surge protector stands guard over your air-conditioner/furnace and protects them from damage.

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