How to Tell If Your Thermostat is Broken?

How to Tell If Your Thermostat is Broken?

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains how to determine if your thermostat needs professional attention.

The thermostat.  Now, often called the controller. The small box on your wall–the brains of your heating/cooling system.  A small computer.  A little piece of technology which may be your best friend or cause big problems.

Although Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is available 24/7/365 as your trusted Dayton HVAC maintenance and repair partner, we recommend you try these simple fixes if you suspect your thermostat may be malfunctioning.

Is the Thermostat Set Correctly?

Is the thermostat turned to ON?

Is it properly set for Heat or Cool, according to the season?

In programmable models, is the time and date correct?

Is the controller set for 5 degrees higher than room temperature for heat and 5 degrees lower than room temperature for cooling?

Is the Controller Clean?

Dirt, dust, and nicotine build up may coat the inside of your thermostat.  Gently remove the thermostat cover.  If the inside looks dusty, spray the thermostat with compressed spray air.

Is There Power to the Thermostat?

Thermostats are wired to the home’s electrical system.  Check the breaker box and return tripped breakers to the proper position.

Check the fuse.  Use the diagram on the back of the panel to determine if your model uses a fuse, and its location. Fuses resemble small, clear cartridges with a filament in the middle.  If the filament looks broken, the fuse should be replaced.

Check the batteries.  Several of today’s controller functions require battery power.

Is the Controller Properly Located?

Is the controller located on a sunny, warm wall?  Close to electronics or a fireplace?  Is it in the path of a continual cold draft?  Mounted too high, or too low on the wall?

A professional may be needed to determine if its location effects your controller’s performance.

If simple fixes don’t restore thermostat function, it’s time to call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions at 937.202.4520 for professional assistance. Controllers offer limited warranties, but may need to be upgraded from time to time.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions will check your thermostat during your seasonal performance check-up. One time seasonal checks are good, but a MyLifestyle! Comfort Agreement is the smarter choice to protect the comfort, safety, health, and energy efficiency of your Dayton home.

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