Why Air-Conditioners Blow out Hot Air

Why Air-Conditioners Blow out Hot Air

June 21. Summer arrives in Dayton. Can heat and humidity be far behind?  Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains several reasons you air-conditioner may blow hot air just when you depend on it to keep you cool.

Put your hand in front of your air-conditioning registers. Just a trickle of cool air? Hot air, not cool, coming out?  Do some rooms in your home feel too hot while others are too cold?

Ignoring such issues may result in expensive repairs or total system failure requiring system replacement.

Here are reasons your air-conditioner blows hot air, and what Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can do to address the problem.

Clogged Filters

Your cooling system is protected by air filters which catch dust and debris, keeping it out of your cooling system.  Over time, these filters become clogged, resulting in wear and tear on your unit. Air filters must be replaced. One of the benefits of a MyLifestyle! Service Agreement is filter maintenance according to manufacturer instructions.

Fan Issues

Your air conditioner has a fan to blow air from your space over the unit’s evaporator coil to remove heat.  A second fan blows outside air over the condenser coils to help draw the collected heat outside.  Dirty fans operate more slowly, or may break down. Heat and humidity remain in the system.  You feel uncomfortable. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions keeps fan motors clean and running smoothly.

Problems with your Ducts

Think of your ducts like the blood vessels in your body.  The duct system carries conditioned air throughout your home, delivering it to your living spaces. Leaky ducts waste as much as twenty-five cents of every energy dollar you spend. Air leaks into the crawl space or attic, never arriving where you want it.  Blocked vents and ducts put strain and imbalance on your cooling system. Your cooling system runs less efficiently, or it may break down completely.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is known for duct testing and repair.  Further, air- balancing is a cost- effective way to enhance your cooling system’s performance.  With its BPI certification and experience in whole home performance, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers solutions other heating and cooling companies don’t.  Talk to your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ technician about duct evaluation and repair.  Often, small changes yield BIG results.

Ignoring regular cooling system maintenance is frequently the root cause of comfort problems in your home. Learn more at www.lifestylecomfortsolutions.com or call us at 937.202.4520.

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