AC Coil Cleaning: How it Benefits You

AC Coil Cleaning: How it Benefits You

Lisa E. Crosley, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ President, explains the benefits of professional coil cleaning.

Your air-conditioner is made up of several parts which must work together for reliable Summer comfort.  Two of these parts are coils: evaporator coils which absorb heat and humidity from the air, and condenser coils which expel that heat outside of your home or building.  Coils effect the air you breathe all day long so it’s critical to keep them clean. While it’s not likely you’ll be looking inside your cooling unit, coils are long tubes with fins on the outside.

Dirty coils can’t transfer heat effectively. You may experience higher energy bills and overheating, leading to compressor failure and a shorter equipment life span.

Dirt. Debris. Indoor dust buildup. Irregular air filter changes.  All these add up to grime in the coils.  Since most cooling units sit outside, they’re continually exposed to air pollution of all sorts.

Dirty coils lead to a sluggish unit which uses more electricity to operate. A first step toward lowering energy bills is professional coil cleaning.

Coil cleaning is not as simple as spraying the unit down with a hose and clear water.  Trust coil cleaners developed especially to remove the grime which builds up in your cooling unit.

Consider the following when considering coil cleaning:

        • the age and condition of your cooling equipment; older equipment may accumulate dirt faster
        • equipment usage: the number of hours cooling equipment operates is called load. The higher the load, the more dirt on the coils.
        • location. Is your cooling unit close to the street? Close to construction or demolition? Factories nearby? You may need more frequent coil cleaning.
        • the recommendation of your maintenance technician.

Regular maintenance, including coil cleaning, is a bargain compared to the expense of compressor failure and soaring energy costs. Your HVAC (heating and cooling) system represents a significant investment in the quality of the air you breathe and home/workplace comfort.

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