Don’t Wait to Replace Ailing Air-conditioner

Don’t Wait to Replace Ailing Air-conditioner

Lisa Crosley, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ President, warns homeowners and building managers not to wait to replace poor performing cooling systems.

For a variety of reasons, it has never been more important to consider planned replacement of your cooling equipment.  While Lifestyle Comfort Solutions understands that a new cooling system is a significant investment, ignoring problems now could be stressful later.  It’s called run to failure and it’s NEVER a good idea. Here’s why:

Supply Chain Slowdown

Equipment and materials Lifestyle Comfort Solutions once obtained overnight may take much longer.

Cooling equipment manufacturers face challenges.  Lack of manufacturing materials, soaring energy costs, and a dwindling labor pool slow production. The world-wide COVID shut-downs interrupted both domestic and foreign manufacturing of cooling equipment.

Difficulty Obtaining Refrigerant

For the past two decades, the US government mandated what kind, how much, and the phase-out of popular refrigerants.  Freon (R22) was the first to be phased out, replaced with 410A.  Now 410A faces the chopping block.

The price of refrigerants is skyrocketing.  In some cases, the supply of refrigerant is limited to what can be reclaimed as units are taken out of service. Replacing an aging unit may be more cost-effective than repair.

Moreover, cooling equipment shortage results from facilities retooling to produce government-compliant units.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is There When You Need Us

  • Maintain your equipment.  Seasonal equipment check-ups help spot developing problems. Regular maintenance is shown to extend the life of your equipment.  Become a priority customer through a maintenance agreement.  Don’t take the “out of sight, out of mind” approach.
  • Consider planned replacement.  Don’t want until your aging cooling equipment breaks down in the stifling heat of summer only to learn that repair doesn’t make financial sense.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions will help you plan ahead, and take advantage of possible savings programs.  If your system is between 12-15 years old, it’s time to consider planned replacement.
  • Value Engineering and Custom Comfort.  No two homes or businesses are alike. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers decades of experience in designing comfort systems which meet the unit needs of each customer. Through value engineering, we consider your wallet as well as our own.
  • Trusted Partnership.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions maintains strong ties with a variety of equipment manufacturers and material suppliers.  Choose from financing programs which put energy-efficient comfort within your reach. T

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is an award-winning, Dayton family-owned heating and cooling company serving Dayton and the surrounding communities of Centerville, Kettering, Englewood, Huber Heights, Springboro, Bellbrook, and Beavercreek.  To learn more, visit or call us at 937.202.4520.