March is a Great Time to Replace Air-Conditioning

March is a Great Time to Replace Air-Conditioning

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains why March is a great month to upgrade the air-conditioning in your public space.

Replacing a mechanical system is an investment. At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, we understand the desire to postpone equipment change-out until absolutely necessary. However, planned replacement is often the most economical route. And run-to-failure is NEVER a clever idea.

Here’s why:

Explore Upgrades and Exciting New Technology

Businesses, churches, restaurants, and retail all benefit from time to consider questions like Is replacement the best option? Could investment in maintenance extend equipment life span?

What are the most cost-effective options? Would emerging technology like VRF make sense?

By starting early in the year, you’re not in a rush to decide. You benefit from a clear, thoughtful analysis of your needs, wants, and options.

Get Ahead of Long Lead Time

With current supply chain disruptions and manufacturer slow down, equipment availability is markedly slower than recent years.

Repair parts may arrive so slowly that equipment change-out is the better option.

Don’t wait until sweltering summer heat to order equipment and risk longer delivery times coming from increased demand.

Benefit from System Design

As exciting innovative technology emerges in the HVAC industry, never settle for simply sticking with the same equipment being replaced.

  • Correctly size the equipment. Bigger is not better in the world of HVAC. Oversized units create a variety of problems. Have an expert perform a load calculation and air-balance test for custom comfort.
  • Determine system type. Ready to move to VRF technology? Roof-top versus on the ground placement? Heat pump vs traditional system? A dependable HVAC company will help you create custom comfort and energy savings.
  • Repair the entire system. The mechanical equipment is just a part of a comfort system. Repair and properly locate ducts. Air balance. Add indoor air quality devices. Benefit from Zoning and modern controls. Consider all these factors when creating consistent, reliable comfort.

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