Safety During Winter Storms

Safety During Winter Storms

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions shares ways to stay safe during periods of extended power outages.

Choose Alternative Heat Sources Carefully

Do not light barbecues, camp stoves, or propane heaters indoors. Garages, basement, crawl spaces, or partially enclosed areas are NOT safe. Better to layer on clothing and snuggle under blankets.

Keep safe alternative heat sources twenty feet away from furniture and curtains. Now is the time to talk to Lifestyle Comfort Solutions about a back-up electric generator.

Prepare Food and Water

Plan for one gallon of water per person per day. Widespread power outages last, on average, 3 days. Have enough canned, dried, or freeze-dried food for that amount of time.

Batteries, Batteries, Batteries!

A battery-powered radio (or one with a crank-handle feature) allows you to hear important weather announcements such as evacuation orders.

Keep enough batteries for frequent flashlight replacement.

Maintain Low-tech Gadgets!

Day-to-day we enjoy an electric-powered lifestyle. Prepare to complete basic homemaking tasks without powered assistance. Solar chargers keep cell phones operating. Keep a manual can opener, manual garage door opener, and other low-tech gadgets handy.

Be Prepared for Fire!

During periods of extended power outages, homeowners frequently take chances they wouldn’t otherwise consider when heating, cooking, and staying warm. Keep fire extinguishers handy. Train family members in proper use.

However, fire departments prefer that you” Get out, and stay out!” during a home fire. Depend on your local professional fire fighters rather than put yourself and your family at risk.

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