Combating Allergies All Year Long

Combating Allergies All Year Long

Lisa Crosley, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ President, suggests practical ways to combat seasonal allergies.

Little is more miserable that the sneezing, sniffling, stuffy headache which comes with seasonal allergies.  The good news is that Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers strategies to combat the misery of allergies, whether they come from pet dander, mold, dust, or pollen.

Change Your Air Filters

This is your first line of defense. Monthly filter changes are generally recommended.  Follow manufacturer instructions.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of solutions to upgrade your filtration system. Electronic air cleaners. Air purification.  HEPA filtration.  We’ll help you choose what’s best for your lifestyle.

Repair your Ducts

The EPA suggests that the average duct work leaks at a rate of 25% percent.  Cracks, splits, and poorly fitting ducts allow dust to collect and then be blown into the air you and your family breathe.

  • Duct repair saves money and creates a healthier atmosphere in the home.
  • Don’t Skip Routine HVAC Maintenance
  • Seasonal maintenance is critical to your good health and the efficient operation of your heating system.

Upgrade Your System

  • Air Purification. During Winter, your heating system stirs up dust. Moreover, allergens are trapped indoors, just waiting for you to breathe them in. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of solutions.
  • Humidification. Dry air from the furnace or heat pump pulls moisture from your skin.  Skin tightens, itches, and cracks.  Nasal passages dry out.  Controlling humidity combats illness.  Fight back with a whole-home humidification.

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Photo By Gilles San Martin from Namur, Belgium – House dust mites
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