Should I Install a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System?

Should I Install a Ductless Mini-Split HVAC System?

While gaining in popularity, mini-split systems aren’t always the answer to your comfort needs.  Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains why.

Here’s When to Consider a Mini-Split System

  • Your home or business space is older, without existing duct work or space to install it.
  • Room additions lack adequate heating/cooling from the existing comfort system.
  • The mini-split system allows for zoning different areas of the home for custom comfort, and energy savings.

Disadvantages to Consider

  • A mini-split system may be more expensive than a traditional system. However, they may be equal to cost to a high-efficiency system.
  • You may dislike the appearance of the system. The unit hanging on the wall inside, and the outdoor unit, may be difficult to hide.
  • Qualified, trained, installers may not be easy to find.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions serves its Dayton HVAC clients through innovative solutions, and technical expertise.  Our experienced staff will gladly guide you in deciding on just the right high-performing system to meet your comfort, health, and safety needs.