Living in a Haunted House?  Check your Heating/Cooling System!

Living in a Haunted House?  Check your Heating/Cooling System!

Signs of “paranormal activity” may actually be a poorly operating heating/cooling system. Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, light-heartedly explains why you should call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions before you call an exorcist.

Hot and Cold Spots and Fluctuating Temperature Changes

One of the most-often mentioned signs of haunting, hot/cold spots often result from poorly performing air ducts.  The “magic” of home performance testing, duct repair, and air-balancing can solve this problem, providing you with consistent comfort.

Think you don’t have a ghost of a chance of affording these services?  You’ll find them surprisingly affordable!

Strange Sounds

Paranormal investigators claim that ghosts communicate through a variety of strange sounds.

Hearing strange thumps, whistles, grinding, bangs, or clicks?

When you hear bumps in the night, it may be your furnace calling for help.

Before plugging in the EVP recorder, call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions for professional furnace tune-up or repair.

Nothing can be scarier than when you fear the furnace is about to die.

Unusual Smells

You smell a strange, burning odor when you first turn on the furnace.  This time of the year, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions gets frequent calls concerning this odor.

More often than not, the smell is dust that collected throughout the summer. It’s safely burning off during the first few times the furnace is running.

While we are always happy to come when you need us, we recommend giving your furnace a few runs before concluding that the smell is a problem.

Unexplained Physical Ailments

Eye irritation. Flu-like symptoms which don’t improve.  Respiratory ailments, asthma, allergies.

Enhance your heating/cooling system with iWave technology, UV lights, humidification, electronic air cleaners, and a host of cutting-edge solutions which create a healthy home through improved indoor air quality.

Flu-like symptoms which don’t improve could be the sign of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions immediately.

So, whether you think your home is haunted or not “Who you gonna call?”  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions! 937. 202.4520