Preparing Your Dayton Furnace for Winter

Preparing Your Dayton Furnace for Winter

Lisa E Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, share simple, but important ways, to prepare your furnace for Ole Man Winter.

Autumn days are waning, and Old Man Winter will soon arrive in the Miami Valley.  How do you best prepare?

Professional, Seasonal Tune-up

This is the most important way to protect your heating system…and your family.  Call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions today to have your system tuned-up.

Many homeowners fail to realize that without a record of regular, professional maintenance your equipment warranty may be voided.

Set up Your Controller for Winter

Change the batteries. Once called a thermostat, the controller is the brains of your Dayton heating/cooling system.  Many models require batteries.  If your controller batteries go dead, your entire system shuts down.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recommends fresh batteries twice a year.

Program the controller for your Autumn/Winter lifestyle.  Comings and goings in your home may change once the lazy days of Summer pass.  Update your controller now for maximum comfort and energy savings.

Put Protection in Place

Replace filters. Dirty filters cause a heating system to work harder, making it less efficient, and causing premature wear.  Moreover, clean filters trap more of the particulates which can make you ill during Winter months.

Upgrade your carbon monoxide detector. As part of our mission to create homes and workplaces which are safe and healthy, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers low-level carbon monoxide detectors.  This superior carbon monoxide detection is especially important in homes with small children, the elderly, expectant mothers, and individuals with respiratory disorders.

Dryer Vent Cleaning.  Each year, over 12,000 home fires result from lint build-up.  Lint is highly flammable, and build-up may allow the release of poisonous gas fumes into your home.  Warning signs of dangerous lint build-up are longer than normal drying cycles and strange smells building up on your clothing.

During your seasonal, furnace tune-up, your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ technician will be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how to perform important tasks to keep your furnace running at peak performance.

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