What is a Hybrid (Dual Fuel) Heating/Cooling System?

What is a Hybrid (Dual Fuel) Heating/Cooling System?

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains how savvy homeowners ensure comfort and manage energy costs using a dual fuel, also known as a hybrid, system.

What is a Dual Fuel (Hybrid) System?

Rapidly gaining in popularity, the hybrid system combines a heat pump with a gas furnace or boiler.

In summer, today’s modern heat pump removes heat from inside your home where it is objectionable and moves it outdoors where it is acceptable.

Thanks to a reversing valve, the same heat pump takes warmth from the outdoor air and brings it inside your home.  Until temperatures fall below about 30 degrees, the heat pump acts as your heating unit.  Some modern heat pumps now work efficiently even when the outdoor temperatures fall as low as 5  degrees.

This process is different from a traditional furnace which must burn fuel to create its own heat.

Should outdoor temperatures fall too low for the heat pump to produce ultimate heating comfort, the indoor furnace in a hybrid system takes over.  As conditions change, the system switches automatically.  It’s a tag team affair which saves money and increases operating efficiency.

Hybrid System Advantages

Although a hybrid system may cost more at the time of purchase, the increased efficiency means less energy cost. Homeowners recoup the investment through savings on energy bills.

During Dayton’s generally mild Winter season, homeowners will burn more expensive fossil fuels less often.

Heat pumps save money because transferring heat is cheaper than creating it.  Hybrid systems combine the strength of two heating sources for warmth, along with money-saving efficiency.

Because we believe in the comfort and cost savings which hybrid systems provide, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ owners and managers chose hybrid system for their own homes.  We recommend them based on our own experience.

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