Easy Tips for Programming your Thermostat

Easy Tips for Programming your Thermostat

As Jack Front arrives, Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, suggests ways to maximize the value of your programmable thermostat (now commonly called a controller) in your Dayton HVAC system.


Set your thermostat to begin warming your home about one hour before awakening.  You’ll enjoy a cozy home during your morning work-out, while showering, eating breakfast, and preparing for the day.

Unoccupied Home

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests setting the thermostat 6-8 degrees below your comfort level when the home is unoccupied.  Pets remain safe, but for every degree you lower the temperature setting during an 8-hour period you save 1%-3% off your energy bill.


Set the thermostat to begin warming the home about an hour before you arrive home.  During the late Autumn, you may wait to warm the space until later–about an hour before you begin to feel chilly.  Most homes remain comfortable, especially with a sweatshirt or sweater, when temperatures range from 65 degrees to 72 degrees outdoors.

Consider setting the thermostat for higher temperatures early in the season and reduce by a degree or 2 as you acclimate to cold weather.


While sleeping, reduce the temperature 5 to 6 degrees below comfortable evening temperature.  You’ll save money and take a load off Mother Nature—all while you sleep.

The benefit of a Wi-Fi compatible controller is the off-site control you enjoy when unexpected changes to your schedule—or the weather—occur.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of programmable thermostats at affordable prices.  Call us at 937.202.4520 or learn more at www.lifestylecomfortsolutions.com.