Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains the advantages of HVAC Zoning.

Would you want to live in a home with just one light switch? A home with just two choices: every light in the home is blazing, or you are sitting in complete darkness?

Regrettably, that’s the way most homeowners approach their home comfort. Rooms which are infrequently used are climate-controlled the same way as high traffic areas.  To enjoy comfort in just one room, the entire home must be warmed or cooled.

Families may depend on unsafe space heaters to provide added comfort right where they want it.

The better answer?  HVAC Zoning!  An HVAC zoning system allows you to precisely control the temperature in every room of your home.  Each room (zone) is equipped with its own thermostat and an automatic damper controls airflow to that space.

Unoccupied rooms don’t waste heating and cooling dollars.  High traffic areas are climate controlled when occupied.  Your entire home remains comfortable while you save energy dollars. On average, HVAC zooming systems may save up to 30 cents off every energy dollar.

How An HVAC Zoning System Works

The Zoning System is made up of three elements:

  • Zone Control Panel—the “brains” of the system communicates between controller (thermostat), dampers, and your HVAC equipment. The panel is mounted close to your furnace.
  • Controllers—small boxes on the wall of each room or designated zone read air temperature and bring on heating/cooling according to your personal liking. Controllers in different zones may be set on different temperatures.
  • Zone dampers—dampers wired to the control panel, automatically open and close depending on controller readings, providing you with custom comfort

Is Your Home Begging for an HVAC Zoning System?

While any home benefits from an HVAC zone system, certain architectural features lend themselves especially well to zoning.  These include:

  • High, cathedral ceilings
  • Above-garage room or apartment
  • Homes with large banks of windows
  • Basement or attic living spaces
  • Loft or sunroom
  • Multiple stories, split-level, tri-level, or quad level homes.

The cost of an HVAC zone system varies, depending on the complexity of the system.  Just two zones may dramatically improve the comfort in your home.  Happily, HVAC zones can be added to new, or to existing, heating/cooling systems.

Many Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ team members enjoy the benefits of HVAC zones in our own homes.  Call s at 937.4520 and we’ll share our personal experience and answer your questions.