Breathe Easy! Breathing Healthy Air in a Post-Covid World

Breathe Easy! Breathing Healthy Air in a Post-Covid World

Lisa E. Crosley, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ President, outlines HVAC strategies to keep your family safer and the air you breathe cleaner.

Many Ohioans enthusiastically greeted the return to normalcy brought about by the end of Ohio’s Covid 19 health orders.  Yet, in the back of our minds, the need to confront the Covid 19 threat still remains.

But there’s more to your family’s good health than just fighting COVID 19.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Addressing indoor air-quality in your home and workplace has never been more important.

Here are simple, cost-effective strategies Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ team members use to protect their own families. Implementing just one method won’t be as effective as a combination of strategies.

Put your Heating/Cooling System to Work

Keep the HVAC system fan running even when the controller (thermostat) isn’t calling for heating/cooling. Fans distribute air and mix outdoor air with indoor air to dilute particulates. Filtering mixed air only occurs when the HVAC fan is operating.

Increase Outdoor Airflow

HVAC.  You know Heating, and Air-Conditioning.  Don’t forget the V–Ventilation. The Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ team can suggest a variety of mechanical ways to mix cleaner, outdoor air with stale, indoor air. 

Improve Air Filtration

Air Filters are your first line of defense.  Regular filter changes according to manufacturer instructions are just the beginning. Then, choose from a variety of options: HEPA filtration, electronic air cleaners, air purification. Your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ indoor air quality team will help you choose what is just right for your family’s health.

Filter efficiency is rated in MERV—Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.  The greater the MERV rating, the more efficient the filters are at capturing airborne particles.

Add a Rainbow to your Home!

Bi-polar ionization adds positive and negative ions to the air stream, causing pathogens in the air to bond together.  Your system’s filter can then catch these enlarged virus particles.

Recent studies show that bipolar ionization deactivates most viruses—including COVID 19- within 30 minutes.

Ionization creates the same kind of vapor as found in rainbows, and waterfalls.  It’s safe, without harmful side effects.

 Shine a Light!

UV light installed in duct work has proven extremely effective in stopping mold and bacterial grow.  In some cases, UV lights combat dust which collects on surfaces, making lighter work of day-to-day housekeeping.

Control Humidity

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air.  Cool, damp spaces tend to accelerate mold, bacteria, and viral growth.

Maintaining optimal humidity combats air-borne pathogens which cause illness.  In early tests, appropriate humidity levels stopped COVID 19 from thriving.

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