Summer Storms; Safeguarding Your Heating and Cooling System

Summer Storms; Safeguarding Your Heating and Cooling System

While a heating and cooling system is a workhorse which supports comfort for years, it’s also a bit fragile and needs some TLC.  Here, Lisa Crosley, President, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, shares ways to protect your system from the damage caused by summer storms.

Your air-conditioner’s compressor is the heart of your cooling system.  It starts more than 6,000 times in a single cooling season; it consumes more power at start-up than any other device in your home.  This continual exposure to high heat and summer storms promotes wear and fatigue associated with compressor failure.

Do you experience:

  • Lights which Dim?
  • TV Screen Flicker
  • Tripping Circuit Breakers?
  • Noisy, laboring sounds from your cooling unit?

Any or all of these symptoms are warning you that it’s time to protect your cooling system.

Surge Protection

Whether from lightning strikes or rolling brownouts, Summer brings power outages.  Even momentary power fall-off, when the lights dim for just a second, result in a powerful surge as power ramps back up.

Power surges can cause catastrophic failure to your heating/air-conditioning system.

Just like your computer, there’s surge protection designed to work with your heating/cooling system. Cost-effective and easy to install, a surge protector stands guard over your air-conditioner and protects it from damage.

Air-Conditioner System Saver

Protect your air-conditioner from costly repairs and extend the life of your equipment by reducing the amp draw and start-up time of your equipment.

System Safeguard

This solid-state contactor prevents arcing, has a sealed relay to keep foreign objects off of the contacts, and prevents failures which damage your air conditioner.

No one wants to risk losing the cool relief your air-conditioner provides when summer temperatures soar in Dayton and the Miami Valley.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of solutions to extend the life of your equipment, many with special savings when service is performed during the seasonal cooling check.

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