Your Benefits From a Ceiling Fan

Your Benefits From a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans continue to be highly popular. Homeowners install ceiling fans in bedrooms, on porches, and in rooms with dramatic ceiling heights. But, should a savvy homeowner invest hard-earned energy dollars in ceiling fans?

To gain any real benefit from a ceiling fan, you must observe the following:

  • Change the ceiling fan direction twice a year. Clockwise in winter; counter-clockwise in summer.
  • Adjust the thermostat when the ceiling fan is in use. Lower the stat in winter, and raise it in summer. If you don’t adjust the thermostat to the proper set-point for the season, a ceiling fan provides little, or no, energy saving benefit.
  • Run the ceiling fan only when the room is occupied. Remember this rule:  Ceiling fans cool people; they heat rooms! Moving air speeds evaporation; the wind chill created by moving air makes you feel cooler since naturally occurring perspiration evaporates more quickly. However, continually running a ceiling fan actually adds heat to a room, conditions you wish to avoid in hot Ohio summer months.  Turn off the ceiling fan when no one is in the room.
  • Ceiling fans provide the most benefit on mild days when fans can completely replace use of your air-conditioning.

Energy managers remain mixed on the actual energy value of ceiling fans.  Some go so far as to believe that ceiling fans are designed only for homes without air-conditioning.  Others believe that ceiling fans, when properly used, may save wear and tear on your mechanical system. Some appreciate the fan’s contribution to feelings of comfort on hot, sticky days. In short, ceiling fans are a decision based on personal preference.

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