Why Is Hot Air Blowing Out of My Air-Conditioner?

Why Is Hot Air Blowing Out of My Air-Conditioner?

Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, explains why your air-conditioner doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, we’re happy to response when you need us.  But, we also understand our clients love to save money.

Here are a few items to check when your air-conditioner is blowing out warm air.

Check Your Thermostat

The simplest explanation may be the hardest to see.  Too often a Lifestyle Comfort Solutions‘ technician finds that the thermostat, today most commonly called a controller, is still set to HEAT mode. Also, check the AUTO setting or if the fan is set to “ON”. Either can mean the fan is running even if the AC is not set to cool.

Clogged Air Filter

When was the last time the filter was changed?  Neglecting to change the filter according to manufacturer’s recommendation can result in hot air.

Units Turned ON?

Your cooling system needs both an inside and an outside unit to operate.  The inside unit has a fan that blows air through the house and needs the outside unit to provide cool air for it to push around.  Make sure both inside, and outside, units are turned on. 

Problems for the Pros

See ice on the outside unit? Know it has been a while since the last seasonal maintenance check?  Problems such as refrigerant leaks, failing compressors, and electrical problems require a professional to diagnose and fix.

And if even the simplest problem leaves you baffled, we’re always there when you need us.

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