Outfit your Heating/Cooling Systems for Ultimate Comfort

Outfit your Heating/Cooling Systems for Ultimate Comfort

Some things belong together. Bread and butter. Cheese and wine. Cookies and milk. Cake and ice cream. Most people don’t enjoy one without the other.

Your heating/cooling system is the same way.  It’s the foundation for your comfort, safety, health, and energy efficiency.  Matched with exciting HVAC accessories, Dayton families enjoy control, improve the quality of the air you breathe, and protect the budget.

Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, fills you in on the most popular HVAC products that Dayton families are enjoying.

Smart Thermostats

Your thermostat is the brains of your heating/cooling system. Let’s get a smart one!

The thermostat, now commonly called a controller, is the best place for most Dayton homeowners to start.

Enjoy the connected experience.  Control temperature, humidity, airflow, and ventilation.  Receive alerts when your system needs attention.

The experts at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions are here to help.

Breathe Easy!

There are two sets of filters in your home.  One is the filter in your mechanical system.  The other is your lungs. Whatever your mechanical system leaves in the air, your family must breathe in.

Here’s what Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests for a healthier living environment:

  • Media Air filter—captures 85% of airborne pollen-sized particles including dust, pet dander, and dust mites
  • UV Air Purifier-eliminates 99% of mold and other bacteria while reducing odors caused by pets and cooking
  • iWave Air Purifier-kills mold and bacteria and viruses. Reduces allergens, odors, smoke, and static electricity throughout the living space using needle point ionization to actively treat the air in your living space.
  • Electronic air cleaner—electrostatic technology combats mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens

No two homes are alike. Let your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ experts meet your family’s individual needs.  Learn more at www.lifestylecomfortsolutions.com or call us at 9373202.4520.