Seven Ways to Manage Mold in Your Home

Seven Ways to Manage Mold in Your Home

Mold is everywhere—in the air and on surfaces. Molds have been on Earth for thousands of years.  Mold’s potential harmful effects have become the subject of alarming media reporting.  Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, helps you separate valid concern from scare tactics with some common-sense advice.

Mold and Your Health

Some people are sensitive to mold, while others are not. Those with mold sensitivity may experience nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye or skin irritations, headaches, fatigue, or other flu-like symptoms.

Those who are allergic to mold may experience serious respiratory distress requiring medical attention.

Fortunately, most of us suffer little ill-effect from the mold which grows naturally all around us.

Does My Home Have Mold?

Mold can be a variety of colors and may be visible to the naked eye.  A musty odor is a tell-tale sign of mold growth.  Mold grows where there is moisture—roof leaks, around windows, vents, and, perhaps, in your heating/cooling system.

Mold grows on paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, and wood products.  It can also grow in dust, paints, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric, and upholstery.

You can carry it into your home on your shoes, clothing, backpacks, or pets!

How Can I Manage Mold?

  • Control humidity.  No higher than 50%.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can advise you on the value of mechanical dehumidification.
  • Provide adequate ventilation to wick moisture out of the house.  Here’s another area where Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can help.
  • Remove visible mold. Mix one cup bleach to one gallon of water.  (Remember! Never mix bleach and ammonia.  It creates a deadly gas which kills in just moments.)
  • Regularly clean around toilet, under sinks, under the water heater, around the washing machine, and closet floors.
  • Open windows to provide dry, fresh air when possible.
  • Immediately clean all visible mold and discard moldy items when necessary.
  • Install ultraviolet technology in your heating/cooling system to kill 99% of mold spores. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can help you with this affordable, yet highly effective solution.

To conquer mold in your home you must clean up existing mold AND fix the moisture problem.  Trust Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to guide you toward solutions to address mold growth in the home.  Call us at 937.202.4520 or request service online.  

Breathe easy! with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.