Furnace Fan Setting: “On” or “Auto”?

Furnace Fan Setting: “On” or “Auto”?

Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions helps you put your heating system to work to meet your family’s unique needs.

Your thermostat. Now, commonly referred to as the controller. The brains of your comfort system.  The little box on the wall with such a big job. Your controller controls your comfort. Learning to take full advantage of its capabilities enhances your personal comfort and protects your budget.

What’s the Difference Between “On” and “Auto”?

When you set your thermostat’s fan to “ON”, the fan will continually run, regardless if your furnace is running through a heating cycle, producing heat.

Set the controller to “AUTO” and the system’s fan runs only during the furnace’s heating cycle. When your system reaches the temperature you’ve set for it, the fan will shut off until the next cycle.  When your system reaches the temperature you’ve set for it, the fan will shut off until the next cycle.

If you choose “ON”

Air is continually cycled through your furnace filtration system.  You enjoy better indoor air quality. Warm air is more evenly distributed throughout the home.  Humidity may be better controlled.  Finally, your system may enjoy a longer life span due to decreased starts and stops. 

Think of it like your car.  Highway driving means less wear and tear than city driving with its continual stops and starts.

Warning! Continually running your furnace fan is costly unless you have a variable speed motor.  In Winter, you may feel cold drafts from time to time as unheated air is blown through your vents.

If you choose “AUTO”

Here the fan only runs when the system tells it to and at the slowest speed necessary for heating.  It consumes less energy than the “ON” option.  You decrease energy costs.  Furnace filters may last longer since less air is being pushed through.

Expect greater wear and tear on your equipment due to frequent starts and stops.  Heat is less evenly distributed.  Since air isn’t filtrated 24/7, the quality of indoor air is reduced. 

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