The Advantages of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

The Advantages of an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

It’s the time of year when homeowners see ads offering highly discounted, one-time seasonal HVAC equipment checks.  Granted, a one-time tune-up is better than the out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach many Americans take toward their HVAC system.

However, homeowners who settle for the one-time approach sacrifice the deeper benefits of a maintenance agreement.  Let’s discover what makes a maintenance agreement the better investment.

Build a Trusting Relationship

Clipping a coupon for the cheapest seasonal check-up may seem appealing.  However, what happens when you need HVAC service in an emergency?  On a holiday? In the middle of the night?

Customers who’ve invested in a MyLifestyle! Maintenance Agreement receive priority service, even during extreme hot or cold.  When everybody’s calling, you’re a member of the elite group which goes to the head of the list for priority service.

Afraid if you let the HVAC technician into your home s/he may find something wrong?  That’s the point!  Find issues before they escalate into costly, inconvenient repairs.  Moreover, you’re less likely to skip your seasonal check when you receive a friendly scheduling call for a benefit you’ve already paid for.

Beside priority service, a MyLifestyle! Maintenance Agreement offers discounts, special offers, and savings on replacement parts.  The additional savings MyLifestyle! partners enjoy may end up paying for the maintenance agreement.

Proven Performance

Longer equipment life span. The EPA, EnergyStar, and major equipment manufacturers agree.  Equipment which is regularly maintained should enjoy a longer equipment life space.  Some estimates go as high as 50%, or an extra 2-3 years.

Manage energy costs.  HVAC equipment in optimal operating equipment is more efficient. It consumes less energy, which lowers your utility bills.

A MyLifestyle! Maintenance agreement just makes things easier.  To learn and to make this affordable investment in your family’s comfort, safety, and health, call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions at 937.202.4520. or visit us at