Understanding Your HVAC Comfort System

Understanding Your HVAC Comfort System

Your heating/cooling system doesn’t need to be a mystery.  Knowing some simple facts helps you to enjoy ultimate heating/cooling comfort.

Your Thermostat May Run on Battery Power

From time to time, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions responds to no-heat, or no-cool calls where the problem turns out to be a dead battery in the thermostat. 

The battery in the thermostat serves two purposes:  1) it powers the display, (2) it signals the circuit board to perform the desired services.  At you next maintenance check, ask you friendly Lifestyle technician to show you how to determine if your thermostat model requires batteries, and how to change them.  This is a simple DIY chore which may save you an unnecessary service call.

Replacing a Thermostat Involves Wiring

Upgrading your thermostat may not be the simple DIY task some may think.  First, you must understand the kind of heating/cooling system you have.

Next, thermostats may have 2-8 wires—commonly 5 today—and if you intend to use the existing wiring, you’ll need to purchase the right replacement.

It’s not uncommon for Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ technicians to encounter a thermostat which was improperly wired when first installed.  Tying into existing wiring is no guarantee of success.

Improperly installed thermostats may cause catastrophic failure to the entire heating/cooling system.

Refrigerant Line Locks may be Required by Law

To protect the atmosphere from the destructive effects of refrigerant leaks, may communities not require refrigerant locks to be installed on air-conditioning refrigerant lines.  Companies who install refrigerant locks are complying with environmental law, not attempting to keep other companies from working on the system.

Licensed contractors have access to refrigerant keys.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns you to think seriously before using any contractor who claims not to have access to refrigerant lines.

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