Caring for Your Air Conditioner in Summer

Caring for Your Air Conditioner in Summer

The average air-conditioner operates reliably for about 12 years. Some retire earlier, while others may live a much longer life. Lisa Crosley, President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, suggests ways to protect your investment and improve your system’s longevity.
Regularly Change Filters

Inspect your filter each month. Replace according to manufacturer directions. Change as soon as filters appear dirty and clogged. Ordinary, one-inch filters should never stay in place for more than 90 day without a filter change. Once a month may be necessary.
Use high efficiency pleated filters. Electrostatically charged, high efficiency filters block extremely small particles, and some bacteria, pollutants, viruses, and allergens.

Keep Registers Open
The free flow of air protects your HVAC system. Blocked air-flow results in over-work which damages your system. Always keep 80% of your home’s registers open.

Keep Your Air-Conditioning Unit Clean
A one-cup mixture of bleach and water in the condensate drain helps air conditioners run with less wear and tear. Better yet, choose from one of the MyLifestyle! Service Agreements, and our trained technicians will do the work for you.

Keep Your Air-Conditioner Free of Debris.
Don’t let grass clippings from the lawnmower blow into the outside unit. Maintain a 2-foot cleared area around the outdoor unit for more efficient operation. Never let your dog use the outdoor unit as a potty. Male canine urine is highly corrosive; and can damage your outdoor air-conditioner beyond repair.

Commit to Regular, Professional Maintenance
Your heating and cooling system is a workhorse, but it’s not indestructible. Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your heating/cooling system needs regular maintenance as well.

Choose from a variety of MyLifestyle! Service Agreement plans to meet your family’s unique needs. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions will keep a professional eye on your equipment and keep it in tip top working order—season after season. Plus, you’ll enjoy priority service, discounts, and peace of mind.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. Wherever you live in the Greater Dayton/Miami Valley area, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is there to replace, repair, maintain, or enhance your heating/cooling system trust Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.