My Air-Conditioner is Running, but My House is Still Hot!

My Air-Conditioner is Running, but My House is Still Hot!

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains why your home may continue to feel stuffy and sticky during Dayton’s Summer heat.

Open Windows and Doors
Be vigilant to close doors and windows, even when outdoor temperatures seem cooler. Open doors and windows allow the build-up of indoor heat and humidity. This deadly duo makes your air-conditioner work harder, while producing less comfort for you.

Low Refrigerant
Refrigerant is the chemical which cools the air as it passes through your air-conditioner. A low level of refrigerant could mean a leak, or an actual problem with the refrigerant system. When your air-conditioner needs to be recharged, it’s smart to have a leak test done.
Refrigerant leaks can result in hefty fines if left unrepaired.

Leaky Ducts, Bad Airflow
Leaky ducts or improper air flower are two common culprits when you air-conditioner does seem to cool properly.
Professional air-balancing is a great place to start. Air-balancing is affordable, and when Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is done you won’t even know we’ve been there except for the improved comfort you’ll enjoy.
According to the EPA, the single most effective way to improve comfort while saving energy dollars is through duct repair.

Lack of Maintenance
• Change filters according to manufacturer direction. Many should be changed once a month.
• Schedule professional service every season. Your skilled Lifestyle Comfort Solutions technician can spot a clogged condensate drain, a dirty coil, malfunctioning fan, and other common problems.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, healthy, safe, and energy efficient. Whether you need to replace, repair, maintain, or upgrade your heating/cooling system, it’s Your Lifestyle, Your Comfort, Our Solutions!