Adding Modern Heating/Cooling to a Historic Home

Adding Modern Heating/Cooling to a Historic Home

Recently, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions worked with a homeowner to successfully create 21st century comfort in his historic home. Vintage homes have so much to offer our communities.  For some, restoring the home to its original glory is a labor of love.  For others, purchasing the proverbial fixer upper may be their ticket into a desirable neighborhood or enjoying more space than the budget might otherwise allow.

Whatever your reason for choosing a historic home, you can enjoy the charm and craftsmanship of an older home, without sacrificing modern heating and cooling comfort.

 Your Historic/Older Home is a Unique Gem

Design is key when creating modern comfort in a historic property.  Your decision needs to be based on facts, not guesses.  Invest the few extra dollars it costs to work with a heating/cooling contractor experienced in ACCA Manual J protocols.  Have a Home Performance/Duct Analysis performed to find the weak spots in your home, and how the shell of your home, called the thermal envelope, should be repaired.  This bias free analysis will help you target where your money is best spent to achieve ultimate comfort.

Simply cranking up the thermostat to remain comfortable is not the answer.

Explore Alternatives

Historic and older homes require creativity when it comes to heating and cooling. Fortunately, the variety of solutions is nearly endless:  High velocity mini-duct systems.  Duct-less mini-split systems.  Routing ducts through closets or other hidden spaces.  Geothermal. 

Do not depend on a heating/cooling company with a cookie-cutter approach to home comfort.

Look for a company like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions with decades of technical experience and innovative problem solving.

Work with a company whose commitment to maintaining the historical fabric of your home matches your own. Don’t let improperly selected and installed heating/cooling systems create a visual blight in your architectural gem.

When you select your system, always choose the most efficient system your budget allows. You’ll not only save money on operation; you’ll enjoy the luxury features built into these systems for years to come.

Don’t Ignore Insulation

Older, historic homes often have insufficient insulation.  Our hearty forebearers thought little of having to break up ice in the bowl to wash their face in the morning!  An experienced contractor should help you choose between blown-in and blanket insulation to achieve your goals for a space.

Eliminate drafts through air-sealing and weatherstripping.  Fill gaps in your basement and/or attic.  Place caps on old, unused fireplaces. 

Get Your Ducts in a Row

If your older home comes equipped with duct, it may need sealing and repair for optimal performance.  A roll of duct tape is NOT the answer.  Proper duct repair and sealing is the single best way to save energy dollars.

Depend on the experts at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to bring your vision of yesterday’s glory to life in your vintage home.

Lisa E. Crosley is President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.  She frequently gives HVAC and indoor air quality products a trial run in her own home before recommending them to her clients.

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