AC vs. Windows

AC vs. Windows

Dayton’s weather is warming up. Some fresh air blowing into your home sounds appealing. Opening windows during early Spring sounds like a great way to save money and freshen the air you breathe. Before you throw open the windows, consider these warnings from Lifestyle Comfort Solutions:

Your AC Is Cooling More than People

Your home is filled with furniture, fabrics, and materials of every kind. When exposed to outside air, these materials absorb heat and humidity.  

Your air-conditioner keeps you comfortable in two ways.  First, it removes hot air from your living space. Second, it removes excess humidity from the air.

Even when temperatures are low, Spring and Summer humidity levels often remain high.  When you leave windows open for any length of time, especially overnight, you’re a.c. system must work harder to cool everything in your home—not just you. 

Your system will run longer, work harder, and cost you more money to remove heat and humidity from your home.

Your AC is Cleaning the Air

We love Spring’s sunshine, flowers, and blossoming trees. We don’t love the pollen and misery from allergies they bring. 

Open the windows and these irritants blow into your home. They bring sneezing, water eyes, and other miseries into our homes even if we dust and vacuum regularly.  

With regular filter changes, your air-conditioner keeps your air cleaner—and your family breathing easier.

Here’s How to Stay Comfortable in Spring

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests these simple ways to enjoy ultimate comfort while saving money during Spring in Dayton:

  • Set your thermostat to a comfortable level. Cooler outdoor temps allow you to set your thermostat to a higher level and still feel comfortable.
  • Use a programmable, smart thermostat.  Set the temperature a bit higher during hours you are away from home, and at night.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers many choices.
  • Use ceiling fans…but only when you are physically present in the room.
  • Use curtains and blinds to block out the sun.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use.  Run your dishwasher at night.

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