The Importance of a Professional HVAC Inspection When Buying or Selling a Home

Lisa Crosley is President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, and often installs new HVAC products in her home to test HVAC products before recommending them to Lifestyle clients.
With home buying season entering full swing, Lisa explains why Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recommends a thorough HVAC inspection before you purchase a home.

Buying a new home is both exciting, and, at times, scary. It’s the largest, single purchase most Americans ever make. Sticker shock and buyers’ remorse feel very real when facing a hefty down-payment and monthly mortgage payment.

You want to protect your investment. So, it’s understandable when homeowners seek to save a few dollars here and there during the home-buying process.
However, trust us. Through the years, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions has worked with more than one homeowner who discovered serious comfort issues they weren’t anticipating soon after closing on their new home.

Some faced serious repair costs! In other extreme cases, the HVAC system they had confidence in, required replacement!

How does this happen?

Generally, whole home inspectors perform a simple, general evaluation of your furnace and air-conditioner.
How old is the system?
Was it inspected upon installation?
Does it turn off and on?

Sadly, there may be serious underlying problems that affect the efficiency and lifespan of your system—problems which go unnoticed in a standard home inspection. On one occasion, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions worked with a new homeowner where the whole home inspection passed an HVAC system with a life-threatening crack in the heat exchanger!

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recommends that you ask the previous owner for detailed maintenance records. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
How often was the equipment cleaned and serviced?
Has the equipment required major repair?
Is the warranty protection on repairs transferable from one owner to another?

Most important, order a thorough, professional HVAC inspection to identify issues before they cost you time and money down the road. Don’t depend on a whole home inspection to identify serious mechanical problems.

Armed with a professional evaluation, you and your real estate agent can address necessary cleaning/maintenance or repairs which need to be completed before you go forward buying the property.

Placing a home on the market for sale? A professional HVAC inspection performed on your home before placing it on the market may set a potential buyer’s mind at ease and make your home more marketable. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is a trusted partner in putting your home in the tip-top condition today’s savvy buyers demand.

Have questions? Feel free to talk to Jessica at 937.202.4520. It’s our mission at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.