I-Wave, Protecting Breathable Air

At this time, families and business are committed to maintaining cleaner, fresher air in our homes and workplaces.  We understand more than ever that we must protect the safety of the air we breathe.

During difficult times, scammers may make claims for products to kill the coronavirus.  Claims of this nature remain unsubstantiated. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns against unscrupulous people who prey on the fear of others.

However, there are some things we do know about protecting breathable air.  These solutions promote the health and safety of your family year-round.

When we think of air pollution, our minds immediately go to the outdoors.  However, the EPA rates indoor air pollution as 5 times greater than outdoor pollution.

We’re spending more time in our homes as part of the national effort to meet the current health crisis.  There are ways to combat indoor air pollution, and to create fresh, healthy air in our homes and workplaces.

Even before the current crisis, many of our staff members already trusted i-Wave technology to protect their families in their own homes.

i-Wave technology has a proven track record. It’s currently at work in over 100,000 applications.  In tests conducted by EMSL Labs, a CDC “Elite” testing facility, i-Wave technology demonstrated significant kill rates against staph, MRSA, e.coli, tuberculosis, airborne mold, and legionella.

It actively purifies the whole house-using a balance of positive and negative ions which break down pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, pollens, smoke and other odors, and other allergens.  The benefit of i-Wave technology is that it produces no harmful byproducts.

i-Wave technology is virtually maintenance free.  There are no replacement parts, making it a less expensive options than other germ-killing products on the market.

To learn more about how to put i-Wave technology to work to create fresher, cleaner, healthier air in both your home or place of business, call Jessica at 937.202.4520.