Creating Winter Comfort through Humidity Control

Creating Winter Comfort through Humidity Control

At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, our mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. Your heating and cooling system is a workhorse. It protects your family’s comfort. It can be put to work to protect their health. It can work to protect the things you value. Here’s just one way:

Value of Ideal Humidity

The right level of humidity in your home or workplace contributes to both your comfort and your health. Humidity too high? You may experience rotting wood, and damage to valuable musical instruments and artwork. Allergies and asthma is aggravated. Mold from too much moisture may become a serious health risk.

Humidity too low? You’re plagued with dry skin, annoying static electricity, chapped lips, bloody nose, sore throat, head colds, and sinus infections.

>What is Ideal Indoor Humidity?

Ideal indoor humidity varies. It depends on the outdoor temperature. A general rule of thumb; the lower the outdoor temperature, the lower the humidity should be in the home or workplace. It’s all about balance.

In many Dayton homes, the humidity is just too low in Winter.

Your Lifestyle…Your Comfort…Our Solutions

Whatever the season, a humidifier improves the humidity level and the indoor air quality in your home.

The humidifiers is controlled by a humidistata device that measures the amount of moisture in the air.

The humidistat may be a second device installed near the HVAC controller. More convenient is the emerging technology in HVAC controllers (once called thermostats) which now allows humidity to be measured from the HVAC controller without installing a second device.

Based on the amount of moisture sensed in the air, the device adjust valves, dampers, or other switches in the HVAC system to regulate airflow. Humidity remains comfortable–year-round throughout the home or workplace.

Enjoy Enhanced Comfort

Maintaining the correct level of moisture in your home helps you feel warmer without having to turn up the heat. You save energy dollars and protect the environment, all at the same time.

A portable humidifier may give you limited relief, but can’t compare to the comfort and health advantages of whole home humidification.

Depend on your indoor air quality experts at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions. With year of experience, we’ll advise you on the best system to meet the unique needs of your Dayton home or workplace.

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