Protecting your Family from Carbon Monoxide in Dayton HVAC

Protecting your Family from Carbon Monoxide in Dayton HVAC

Carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, invisible, yet deadly. Since symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are much like having the flu, families may not know they are in danger. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions reminds you of ways to protect your Dayton family from carbon monoxide.

Professional Furnace Tune-up

Have your furnace operation professionally checked every year. It’s never too late in the season to call for an inspection. Blue flames are clean, safe, and efficient. The majority of carbon monoxide poisonings occur in tight buildings. While ruse in equipment may be a part of normal operation, carbon monoxide always produces soot. A training professional with the proper diagnostic equipment is more likely to spot danger than a homeowner with the naked eye.

Never Idle in the Garage

Resist the temptation to warm up your car in the garage during Winter’s cold. Poisonous CO can creep into your home, or fumes within the garage can linger for hours.

Keep Carbon Monoxide Detectors Reliable

  • Replace batteries and test at least every 6 months.
  • Place detectors in bedrooms, hallways, and near the furnace.
  • Replace detectors according to manufacturer instruction. Sensors wear our and lose sensitivity. Every 2 years is optimal.
  • UL listing is a sign of reliable CO detectors.

Beware Vent-Free Appliances

Vent-free gas fireplaces may provide a cozy atmosphere, yet most manufacturers recommend opening a window during operation. Check your owner’s manual to protect your family. Beware using space heaters in your home.<

Consider Planned Furnace Replacement

Today’s modern heating systems are built to last around 12-15 years. Aging equipment is less likely to be safe and efficient. The cracked health exchanger is one of the main causes of carbon monoxide poisoning. Planned replacement allows you to take advantage of rebates, special savings promotions, and more leisurely decision-making.