HVAC Air-Balancing for Ultimate Comfort

HVAC Air-Balancing for Ultimate Comfort

Notice uncomfortable temperature fluctuations from room to room, or floor to floor in your home? Are there spots in your home which are warmer or colder than others? Do you avoid spaces in your home because they are too hot or too cold? Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains the likely culprit and how you can achieve ultimate comfort through HVAC air-balancing.

What is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a professional process. It uses specialized tools in the hands of trained professionals. An air-balance test measures and optimizes the flow of air into every space in your home.

What Happens during an Air-Balance Test?

An air balance test identifies:

  • damaged or perforated air ducts
  • loose duct joints
  • blockages
  • undersized ducts
  • excessively long duct work
  • duct work with sharp turns

During an air-balance test, technicians position flow hoods over the air supply to measure air flowing out. A tool called a manometer evaluates air pressure on both the supply and return sides of the HVAC system. A hygrometer measures humidity, and heat gain/loss.

These sophisticated tools provide critical information, without leaving any trace that they were ever used in your home.

What Happens after the Test?

Based on testing information, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions makes repairs and adjustments to deliver the proper amount of air to each space in the home. Adjustments may be made to fan speeds, control devices, or thermostats. Dampers may be adjusted or added where needed. Ducts may be repaired through insulation, duct sealing, or patching holes. Loose duct joints can be repaired. In some cases, new duct work may be required.

Homeowners working with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions receive a report of recommended repairs. No repair is performed without your permission, or before knowing the final cost.

Can I Air Balance Myself?

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions advises that air-balancing is not a DIY project. It’s more than just opening and closing registers. Opening and closing registers can actually damage your HVAC system.

Accuracy demands specialized measuring tools, and the professional know-how to design effective repairs. However, clients who have had professional air-balancing completed in their homes report how pleased they are with the enhanced comfort and how pleasantly surprised they were with air-balancing’s affordability.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns that simply installing a larger unit is NOT the answer to hot-cold spots. This often makes the problem worse. Steer clear of an HVAC company which suggests that solution!

Air-balancing offers many benefits: increased energy efficiency, longer lifespan for your HVAC equipment, improved comfort, and better air quality.

Talk to your friends at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions about air care and repair through air-balancing.