Same Factory. Different HVAC Brand Names? Any Real Difference?

Same Factory. Different HVAC Brand Names? Any Real Difference?

Recently, a Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ client asked us to comment: Some well-known HVAC manufacturers actually produce heating/cooling equipment lines out of the same factory, built on the same assembly lines. They produce products for sale under a variety of brand names. So, at the end of the day, are different equipment lines really all the same? Am I unnecessarily paying more for essentially the same equipment, based upon the name? It’s a reasonable observation, but not entirely accurate. Here’s why:

Check the Features and Benefits

It’s accurate to point out that equipment manufacturers produce various lines from the same factory, and on the same assembly lines. However, some models are built with premier features which less expensive models won’t have. As a product travels down the assembly line, not all features will be added to each product. Manufacturers may decide to add exciting new technology to only certain brand lines. Further, not all models pair with smart thermostats or offer mobile connectivity. Some brands offer high performance components in their equipment which are not included in other products. Most premier models add features to control noise, to promote cleaner indoor air, and to better control humidity. In some manufacturing plants, different production teams actually build different brands. It’s important to remember that warranty protection varies with the equipment brand you select. In the end, some products offer features and benefits which other equipment built on the same line simply won’t have. Savvy homeowners should think it terms of value, not just price, when selecting a comfort system for their home.

Installation is the Key

Whatever the features and benefits of the heating/cooling system you select, the single most critical factor to system performance is the quality of the installation. A high-efficiency, premier product may never perform up to expectation if not installed properly. Work with a dealer you trust to choose the right products for your unique needs. Be wary of dealers who promise one day installation times. A quality installation often requires metal modifications and other system upgrades, which may take longer than a day to complete. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is proud of its Lifetime Craftsmanship guarantee on every system we install. Think long-term. Your heating/cooling equipment should last between 12-15 years. Your family’s comfort, health, and safety depend on the decisions you make today. Some products do contain features which allow the system to last longer, and perform more efficiently.

We Practice What We Preach

At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, we know heating and cooling. We know that all heating/cooling equipment is NOT alike. When it comes to our own homes, we look for the features which will meet our unique needs. Members of the Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ team installed high-efficiency, premier heating/cooling products in our own homes. We want our families to enjoy the benefit of the features which are added to premier products which are missing from other products. At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, we won’t recommend anything to you that we don’t believe in enough to do in our own homes.