Do I Need HVAC Maintenance Every Year?

Do I Need HVAC Maintenance Every Year?

Recently, a Dayton client asked if maintenance to their home’s heating and cooling system was really necessary every year. Lifestyle Comfort Solution’s answer: A resounding YES! Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains the benefits of yearly HVAC maintenance.

Maintenance Protects Your Warranty

First, a modern heating/cooling system is built to last from 12-15 years. Equipment manufacturers are proud of the products they build. Hence, many provide generous warranty protection. Today, many heating/cooling systems come with a 10 year warranty. However, equipment manufacturers want to know if break-down is due to manufacturer defect, or owner irresponsibility. As a homeowner, you may be required to produce a record of regular maintenance. Regrettably, lack of regular maintenance could void your warranty protection. On the other hand, a record of yearly maintenance show that you are a responsible homeowner. This record may help establish that the problem is more likely the result of manufacturer defect. You invested thousands of dollars in a heating/cooling system. In most Dayton homes, the heating/cooling system is the most expensive appliance in a home. Don’t take the chance of losing warranty protection trying to cut corners on yearly tune-ups.

Yearly Maintenance Protects Your Safety

During a service tune-up, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions checks for more than just how your systems is running. Safety checks, most importantly, for carbon monoxide, are critical.

Experts Agree on the Need for Yearly Maintenance

Equipment manufacturers. The EPA. Utility companies. Local fire departments. Experienced HVAC service technicians. Every one of these recommends yearly inspection and tune-up of your heating/cooling equipment.

Think Long Term

Actually, a yearly service tune-up may actually save you money in the long run. Your professional HVAC service technician may spot a developing problem when it’s easier, and more economical, to repair. Finally, a one time seasonal tune-up is good. But a service agreement which bundles cost savings, priority status, and other benefits into a package with a seasonal tune-up is even better! Year-round cost saving opportunities may actually pay for the cost of the tune-up. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers Dayton area families a choice of MyLifestyle! service plans to meet every budget.

Go Green!

Regular tune-up of your system helps protect Mother Earth from refrigerant leaks and other hazards to the environment. While Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a plan which inspects the furnace one year, and the air-conditioner the next, we recommend yearly tune-up of both. Never let more than two years pass between professional tune-up. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions wants you to enjoy the benefits of yearly HVAC maintenance. Don’t practice Out of Sight. Out of Mind. when it comes to your heating/cooling system. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions wants you to enjoy the benefits of yearly heating/cooling tune-up. Take car